Generated 40+ B2B Leads in just 6 weeks

Updated: Jul 12

Today we will tell you how our campaign that generated 40=B2B leads in just 6 weeks.

Our vision is to establish the personal brand of CEO's, Directors, VPs, CHROs and HRs. Raise companies brand awareness and generating organic leads through establishing brand awareness.

“As a smart and responsible business owner, you should always explore more and plan ahead. Let us audit your business and explore what you are missing and what you can achieve”

We specialize in Branding, Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales Optimization and Revenue Automation for B2B Businesses. From auditing your business to building strategies and then executing for results; we do it all.

The strategy we used for creating a campaign and raising engagements

  • we determined their target audience for better reach.

  • We created the content theme focusing around problems and solutions of target audience for more reactions.

  • we provided proper CTAs to increase engagement rate.

  • We engaged in proper content distribution among the targeted communities and groups of potential customers.

Using the strategy, we generated 40+ B2B leads and got 100000+ views that too in just 6 weeks.

How did this campaign helped our client.

Through aggressive content marketing and distribution of campaigns, we were able to increase clients personal and company profile views leading to brand building. /

Results we achieved on the Campaign

Total number of impressions: 4,50,000+

Total number of Reach: 3,48,000+ views

No. of Reactions: 3260+

No. of Comments: 730+

No. of Leads organic leads generated: 40+ leads in just 6 weeks!

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