How to Sell your Product/Services to HNIs (High-Net-Worth Individuals)

Selling services/products to High Net-worth Individuals is very lucrative High Ticket Sale.

But the biggest problem is that HNIs are not as easily targetable as your average potential customer.

So what are the ways of targeting them?

We at Brand Samosa, after working with multiple clients and successfully generating High Ticket Sales for them, have unlocked the goldmine lock.

Here are the Proven Strategies that can help you sell your products to

High Net-worth Individuals.

1) ABM Model - Account-Based Marketing

ABM approach using Linkedin Sales Navigator

ABM approach is a Strategy to target a specific set of people and engage them by providing relevant & personalised content based on their needs and pain points.

The biggest pool of HNIs is present on Linkedin.

All the Big C executives, Entrepreneurs and Investors are available and active on Linkedin.

But you need to have a laser-focused approach to target these high-net-worth individuals.

LinkedIn offers Sales Navigator that can be used to target people based on their:

  • Designation

  • Companies They Are Working At

  • Revenue of their Company

  • Specific Industry

  • Total Number of Employees In Their Companies

  • Location

  • Seniority Level.

Using this approach, you can easily target HNIs who are Founders, CEOs, CXOs, VPs etc., and from all sorts of Industries and companies with revenues from $1 million to $100m+ and headcounts from 10 to over 500+ employees.

The best part is almost all the big companies and businesses are active on Linkedin.

2) Engaging on Platforms which HNIs actively use

Showcasing your business and products on the platforms where the HNIs are most active can highly increase the probability of them buying your products.

There are numerous Platforms where the HNIs are most active. Here’s a list -

  1. New York Times

  2. Wall Street Journal

  3. The Economist

  4. Politico

  5. Forbes

  6. Time

  7. Fortune

  8. Fast Company

  9. Vogue

  10. Financial Times

The above are the 10 most used online platforms by HNIs worldwide.

A survey suggests,

On average, they spend over 90 minutes using these platforms on a daily basis.

There are 2 ways to promote your business on these platforms -

  • Publishing Content

You can Publish your content on many of the above platforms to gain interaction of the HNIs.

Publish articles, blogs and any useful information they will most likely read.

  • Running Banner Ads

You can Buy the ad spaces on these websites and run ads for your products

to the hyper-targeted wealthy audience who are active on these platforms.

Running Native Ads on these platforms and showcasing your products and services can help you get more HNI clients.

3) Partner/Attend the events where HNIs are present.

There are numerous events where HNIs are most active and attend multiple events.

CSR events, Fundraising events, Social Events, and Brand Promotion Events.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to network with these HNIs.

You can even partner with many NGOs and Brands to catch the eyeballs of these HNIs, which can help you make connections with them and end up pitching your services to them.

Networking is the most powerful way to make connections with HNIs.

With everything moving digital, numerous digital events are happening worldwide.

Collaborations with Brands that these HNIs are associated with, is a good way to start building relations.

4) Targeting HNIs using Facebook

Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking platform, with over 2 billion people using it.

The majority of the HNIs are actively using Facebook daily.

There are numerous ways of targeting HNIs using Facebook and Facebook ads

You need to find-out where these HNIs are engaging over the platform, it's not always they are looking for investments!

There are numerous ways to connect with them using Facebook

i) Networking using Facebook Groups

Network using Different Facebook groups which have Wealthy Individuals engaging their.

No , It's absolutely not the investment Facebook Groups!

Some of the Facebook groups you can join -

  • Premium sports Club ( Polo Club, Automobile Racing, Tennis, Golf )

  • Event groups of CXOs ( Business convocations, Business Summits, conferences etc.)

  • Association Groups ( Association of manufacturers, Association of Tech& sciences etc.)

  • NPO Groups (NPOs which a lot HNIs support and foster. )

You need to understand that building relationships with them personally can highly impact their conversion as your customer.

ii) Targeting using Facebook Ads

Facebook advertisement is the sought-after way to reach out to almost anyone on the internet.

The main thing is you need to be very particular with the Targeting.

Proven HNI Targeting for Facebook ads are -

  • Location Targeting - Showing ads in the affluent areas where most HNIs live.

Facebook geo-targeting allows you to target highly specific locations, as narrow as individual postcodes, and pin drop locations of 1km2

This will enable you to focus your advertising efforts on the most expensive properties.

  • Expensive Brands - Targeting Expensive brands from clothing brands to Car brands and even 5-star hotels where they visit a lot can be targeted.

  • Size of the company- Headcount of the company you are targeting

  • Seniority Level - Targeting decision makers (Founders, CEO, CXO, MD, VP)

  • Industry - Specified industries (Manufacturing, Saas, Tech, Sales etc.)

  • Look-a-Like Audience - Make a look-a-like audience if your system has any previous data on HNIs. It can be used to target similar people around Facebook.

  • Age - Targeting HNIs of different age groups -

The young 2nd generation entrepreneurs, top CEOs in their 40s-50s, old investors, or new young investors.

You can try different combinations to see what works best for your business.

Targeting and Converting High Net-worth Individuals in not very tough!

But you need to have proven strategies to reach out them and convert them!

These are the Proven and Best performing strategies to target High Net Worth Individuals for your business.

If you want to know in depth about how to setup all of this for your business on automation,

Reply with a ‘Yes’ and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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