Generated Business Leads For Our Clients From BMW, Swiggy, VanHeusen & VLCC

Updated: Jul 15

The client wanted to generate business leads from companies that are

willing to create a customized, stylish uniform.


The companies in the retail food industry and logistics wants their

customers to know them and a uniform is just the way to do that. They

need comfortable uniforms that represent their brand to the customer.

  • Designation: Marketing Heads, Chief Executive Officer, Vice President, Director

  • Industry of the Company: Food Chains, Airlines, Restaurants, Healthcare ,Retail, Facility Management, Logistics

  • Company Size: 500+ Employees


  • Reached Out & Connected to Potential Companies

We connected with the marketing managers of different logistics and retail chains and engaged with them to build a relationship with them.

  • Highlighted the Importance of Uniform in Retail Chain

We highlighted the point of why it is important for delivery executives to wear a uniform. We also talked about how a uniform can be a reason for people to remember your brand.

  • Showcased Case-Studies & Use-Case of Existing Clients

We shared the case studies of the uniform the client provided to other companies and how it helped them in increasing their employee productivity.

Key Metrics

Through our marketing efforts and strategy that we decided for the client. We were able to generate following results for our clients:

80+ Leads Generated

90,000+ Content views in a week

900+ Users Engaged


“Because of specifically finding and targeting companies in hospitality, Manufacturing, and Industry and talking about the problem/challenges they face because of not having wastewater management and water treatment facility is affecting their business.”

With this reach out strategy and content strategy, we generated leads

from the companies like:

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