5 Proven Strategies to Increase Sales Conversions for your B2B BUSINESS

Updated: Sep 23

Struggling with low sales conversion for your B2B business?

Implement these strategies to increase your conversions.

Although building successful and well-executed B2B marketing strategies takes time and requires constant, consistent effort, you can do a few things today to help increase sales for your manufacturing company this year.

Prioritise these tips to increase sales in manufacturing

Align your marketing and sales teams

A study by Forrester found that 43% of CEOs believe misalignment has resulted in low sales.

  • The marketing and sales departments must be cohesive and work together to increase sales conversion. Don't forget to facilitate face-to-face meetings between teams and consider implementing tools to help your employees collaborate and communicate more easily.

  • Marketing and sales are dependent on each other.

So, bringing your marketing and sales teams together creates complete transparency and a clear understanding of their goals and needs. One group cannot function well without the other.

  • Increasing Sales Conversion is very necessary for the growth and existence of the business,

The adoption of Sales and Marketing automation should be implemented to increase the efficiency and output of your marketing and sales efforts.

This significantly helps you to increase the productivity of the tasks and thus increase the sales conversion in the business.

Create A Company Profile On Social Media ( Fb, Linkedin)

Having Company profiles on Facebook & Linkedin build customer trust in the company's legitimacy.

  • Having your company profiles all over the social handles and publishing content related to your industry and products will help your build a name of your company in the space, thereby building a flow of inbound leads,

  • Show your past work, clients served, and Products you offer. This helps build the credibility of your business, thereby increasing the sale conversion rate.

  • OVER 90% OF B2B Businesses are on Fb and Linkedin combined. This allows you to build your image in front of them.

Having company profiles all over the social media handles significantly increases your credibility, boosting your business's sales conversion.

Educate your Potential Customers

  • Your potential customer will turn into a paying customer only when he has gained trust on your business. On average, it requires at least 18 interactions in order to make a potential customer turn into a paying one.

  • You need to make content on the Problems your potential customers are facing and the solutions(Your Product). Give them free guides and strategies to help them implement them in their business, increasing your credibility.

  • Educating your customers can also be done by providing free strategy sessions and many more such valuable resources.

In the end, it's about gaining the trust of your Potential Customer, which helps you make them buy from you more easily and thus helps increase sales for the company.

Record A Video Of Your Factory/Facility

  • Videos complement your traditional marketing efforts and increase your brand awareness.

  • They are especially effective for demonstrating unique processes or capabilities – an incredible 95% of the message is retained after watching a video rather than reading the text.

  • Through the marketing of video, potential customers can actually see your facilities, manufacturing processes and final products, all within minutes or even seconds.

  • Many businesses shoot videos using cell phones; these videos can then be instantly uploaded to the company's social media accounts.

  • Shared more than any type of social media post, videos can serve as a highly effective tool for connecting with other industry professionals, getting users to spread the word about your company, and establishing yourself as a top brand.

Having a look at the facility through videos and photos makes the customer believe in the company's legitimacy. It thus highly increases the chances of conversion as paying customer.

See Who's Visiting Your Website

You need to set up Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Tag Manager, and other audience-capturing tools to capture the data of the people who visit your website. This helps you better understand what is or is not working on your website, making necessary changes.

  • Your websites should have Call To Action to capture the responses of the interested customers in your Business.

  • As a Manufacturing business, your website should clearly state the products and services your business offers.

Show the case studies of your past works and achievements by your company. This helps in gaining the trust of the customer.

  • Even better, continuously identify buyers who visit you online, track them throughout their purchase journey and reach them with more meaningful content and conversations.

Have Click Buttons for Actions like (Book a Call with our Team, Download Product Catalogue etc, Client Testimonials etc.)

Publish articles, Blogs on Customer's Needs

Publishing relevant information like the problems faced by your potential customers, your product offerings and many such topics helps your potential customer:

  • A better understanding of your product

  • Increase the knowledge and need for the product you offer

  • Builds trust and credibility about your product and company

  • Helps to rank your website higher in the google search

  • Increase more interactions with users, which helps in more sales.

Topics you can discuss over the blogs or articles are :

  1. Products and services you offer

  2. Benefits of using the products you offer

  3. Limitations of not using the products

  4. Case studies of the past clients you have worked with

  5. Testimonials of how awesome the product and service are.


Your website should have a separate block where you can create multiple testimonials.

Testimonials are the key to increasing the sales of your business.

Potential clients have the highest chances of paying you after seeing the testimonials of your product or service.

Checklist of what your testimonial should include:

  1. A detailed video by your client explaining how their experience was working with your company.

  2. Before and after results of working with your company.

  3. Benefits of your product they recommended to any other customers

  4. Monetary gains in your business - Growth in sales, revenue etc.

Increases Sales with Revenue Automation

Automating revenue-generating tasks can significantly help you lower the cost of operations and increase the company's sales.

  • Using Automation for Storing the Leads and Updating the Life cycle of those leads over pen and paper is very time-consuming and unproductive.

  • Instead, the Usage of CRM software can help you store all the leads systematically according to the sales cycle, and this also helps the sales team to be more accountable for the status of each lead thereby increasing the effectiveness of the sales process significantly.

  • Email automation can help you reach out to your potential customers daily, bi-weekly, and weekly with content that helps to nurture them regularly and create multiple touchpoints.

All of this can be done using various automation processes, which significantly reduce the workforce and time of an employee, or it can even replace them.

Book a call with our experts, and we will help your business to grow using revenue automation and Digital Transformation.

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