How We Generated 120+ B2B Leads For Niche Product — Wastewater Treatment

Updated: Jul 15


Being in a very niche business, the client was struggling to generate leads for their services.

The client wanted to generate leads from the companies looking for water treatment in their production plants.

About the client

"The client provides eco-logical solutions for pollution control and waste management problems to treat wastewater, Malodors, Solid waste, etc."
Industry: Environmental Services

Strategy - Target audience

We made a list of different CEPT and STPs and connected with their operational heads. We used LinkedIn to connect with the potential customers and decided to connect with following demography:

Designation: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Operation Head, Operations In-charge.

Industry of the Company: Hospitality, Restaurants, CETP, STP, Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers industries.

Company Size: 10 - 200 Employee


  • Made a Targeted List of Potential Customers

As the client is into a very niche business, we had to create a very targeted list of who need the facility of wastewater treatment.

  • Created Content around the Pain Areas & Challenges

As we knew whom we are targeting, it was easy for us to research and find out their pain, challenges and problems and also talking about it in content

  • Created Generic Content For Broader Audience

To target people at a broader level, we created content around basic problems caused by waste water & not managing it.

  • Allowing Interested People to Reach Out

We portrayed our client as happy and easy-going which made it easy for people to reach out him and causing — Inbound Lead Generation


“Because of specifically finding and targeting companies in hospitality, Manufacturing, and Industry and talking about the problem/challenges they face because of not having wastewater management and water treatment facility is affecting their business.”

With this reach out strategy and content strategy, we generated leads from the companies like:

Key Metrics

Through our marketing efforts and strategy that we decided for the


We were able to generate following results for our clients:

150+ Leads Generated

1,70,000+ Views on Content

900+ users Engaged

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