LinkedIn SEO: 8 Steps To Optimise Your Profile’s Visibility

Published on
September 9, 2023
8 steps to optimise your LinkedIn profile
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Have you optimised your LinkedIn profile? Did you know that you can optimise your profile to increase its visibility and attract the right opportunities? LinkedIn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help you achieve just that! In this blog, we'll walk you through 8 easy steps to optimise your LinkedIn profile and stand out in the professional world. 

8 Steps To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

In the professional world, your LinkedIn profile serves as your digital business card. It's crucial to make it unique and attractive to future employers or customers. You can make your LinkedIn profile more visible and draw in interesting chances by optimising it. Let's explore eight simple steps to enhance your profile and make it shine.

1.Create An Exciting Headline

Your LinkedIn headline functions as a digital business card. Use descriptive and appropriate keywords that highlight your abilities and experience to make it stand out. Use that in your headline, if you're a "Graphic Designer and Creative Guru," for instance. LinkedIn can better grasp who you are and what you do by using keywords.

In this exciting headline, we highlighted the potential to optimise one's LinkedIn presence, indicating that the blog will provide powerful strategies to boost visibility and career opportunities. 

The use of emojis adds a touch of excitement and makes the headline visually appealing. Additionally, relevant hashtags help attract a targeted audience interested in optimising their LinkedIn profiles.

2.Compose An Effective Summary

You have the opportunity to share your professional story in your summary. Make it interesting to read and concise. Describe your achievements, experiences, and areas of enthusiasm. Add a few pertinent keywords to your profile to improve your LinkedIn SEO and increase profile visibility.

In this image you can see the effective summary example. In this concise summary, we highlight the importance of a compelling LinkedIn summary for achieving professional success. The use of relevant hashtags, keywords and content in your summary can optimise your LinkedIn profile. It is a proven SEO technique to optimise your LinkedIn profile.

3.Optimise Your Experience Section

When listing your work experience, focus on achievements and specific contributions you've made in each role. Using bullet points makes it easy to read and highlights your key accomplishments. Including industry-related keywords helps LinkedIn recognize your expertise and improves your profile's chances of showing up in search results.

For example, Use clever keywords, accomplishment highlights, and intriguing descriptions to dominate your experience section. Maximise your job possibilities and leave a lasting impression on connections and possible employers.

4.Showcase Your Skills & Get Endorsed

Highlight your top skills and ask your connections to endorse them. These endorsements add credibility and show others that you excel in your field. Remember to choose skills that are relevant to your industry and the kind of opportunities you're seeking.

Instead of focusing on optimising your experience section, it is necessary to focus on your skills and get endorsed. For example, Include skills like "Digital Marketing," "Content Creation," and "SEO" to showcase your expertise. Seeking endorsements from colleagues and clients adds credibility to your profile and enhances your LinkedIn SEO.

5.Include Projects, Certifications, and Volunteer Experience

Additional options for LinkedIn SEO are provided by these categories. Give specific details and pertinent keywords when you describe your projects, credentials, and volunteerism. This not only increases the visibility of your profile but also highlights your abilities outside of your regular work experience.

For example,you can see in this picture how it included projects, certifications And volunteer experiences. For instance, highlight a successful marketing campaign you led, mention relevant certifications like "Google Ads Certified," and showcase your volunteer work for a charitable organisation. This additional information adds depth to your profile, making it more attractive to potential employers and increasing your chances of being discovered by recruiters searching for specific skills and experiences.

6.Create a Custom URL

A custom LinkedIn URL is simpler to publish and has a more professional look. Select a URL with your name or a close variation of it in it. Additionally, when someone searches for your name in search engines, this customised URL will rank higher.

For example, Instead of using the default URL with random numbers and letters, customise it to include your name or a variation of it. If you look at this image, "" looks professional and is easier to share, making it simpler for potential employers or clients to find and connect with you.

7.Stay Active and Engage

To optimise your LinkedIn SEO you need to stay active and engage on the platform. Engage with posts, join groups related to your interests, and share valuable content regularly. This shows LinkedIn that your profile is valuable and relevant, boosting your visibility.

For instance, Staying active and engaging on LinkedIn is vital for optimising your profile's visibility. Regularly share valuable industry insights, comment on posts, and participate in group discussions. By actively engaging with your network, you'll build meaningful connections, increase your profile views, and attract potential opportunities.

8.Create a Strategic Network and Connection

Expand your network by connecting with professionals in your industry or fields of interest.  By networking, you boost your chances of meeting the appropriate individuals and discovering new opportunities.

Bonus Tip: Joining industry-specific groups and engaging with thought leaders can expand your network and open doors to exciting career opportunities and collaborations.


Optimising your LinkedIn profile with these eight simple steps can make a world of difference in boosting your online presence and attracting opportunities. Remember to use keywords strategically, engage with the community, and stay active. By following these easy LinkedIn SEO techniques, you'll enhance your profile's visibility and set yourself up for success in the professional world. Happy optimising!